I specialise in creating and implementing marketing campaigns in the arts and education sector, but I also work with various companies as my portfolio will show you. I can prepare a marketing campaign for you which is digitally or on the ground. The choice is yours if you would like me to then implement the campaign or do the work inhouse. Whatever your needs I can work with you to improve the marketing of your company or product.


The communications campaigns I offer include preparing press campaigns to target your messages at various audiences, create bilingual copy to grab attention for your website or social media, and work with you on developing a communications plan that ensures you are getting the right messages out to the people you want to be targeting.



Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start if you want a new website for your small business. I work with businesses to develop their current website, or design a new website. I can prepare bilingual copy for you and co-ordinate new images for the site. You can see examples in the Work section.